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The use of bait clips both simple and the more complex versions are used extensively all around the UK shore angling scene.With keen prices we try to supply all the main types that will be needed for the different conditions anglers may encounter whilst in pursuit of their chosen quarry be it purely pleasure or in competition.
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Bait clips are are found in a variety of different styles with the most simple being a bent piece of wire held in place with a piece of plastic tubing to some sophisticated designs that eject the hook carrying the bait on impact with the water whilst protecting the bait from being torn off.All bait clip types serve a very similar purpose in keeping the bait tight to the rig body both during the cast and later during the flight , which in turn protects the bait from damage and streamlines the rig , less air resistance directly increases casting distance.The more complicated versions have been developed to someway eliminate the pre ejection of the clip during the cast and to guarantee that it does un clip and is actually fishing after the cast has been completed.
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