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An integral part of many sea fishing rigs is the humble boom,available in a wide variety of sizes,types,colours and materials they all serve one basic function which is to keep the mainline or main rig body and the snood or hook length separate and tangle free during casting or simply dropping over the side of a boat into the depths.
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Shakespeare Salt Slider Link Ledger Boom
Reviews: 4.67 / 5
Our Price: 1.99
Tsunami Plastic Sea Boom
Reviews: 3.09 / 5
From: 1.50
The first booms used in sea angling were home made wire constructions and the basic patterns have survived up until today being added to by more common plastic tubed varieties or solid style short booms for flappers.The longest types are more generally used for boat fishing with lures , usually eel imitations and are referred to as flying collar rigs.From the shore the most popular are short Avis style which sit on the main rig body able to rotate 360 degrees with the hook length(snood) attatched directly to the boom.Another common type used from both boat and short are the small sliding ledger booms which sit on the mainline to which the lead weight is attatched.
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