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Boots come in many different variations such as wading boots, field boots etc. Wading boots are produced for use with stocking foot waders. They are used by still water anglers and river anglers. These make of boots are designed for performance, comfort and durability. They provide great support both in and out of the water and have high ankle support and protection.

They can be purchased with a choice of either felt or vibram soles to cover any terrain, and also come with a studded sole option. Studded soles offer superb traction whilst wading on rock or walking over wet grass banks. Many better quality makes/brands have a sturdy construction which are still deceptively light in weight. This makes wading/walking much lighter and more comfortable.

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Chub Field Boots
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our price: 44.99
Snowbee Rockhopper Wading Boots
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our price: 49.99
T F Gear Rock Hopper Boots
Our price: 29.99
T F Gear Signature Boots
Reviews: 4.33 / 5
Our price: 39.99
T F Gear Super Tuff Boots
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our price: 34.99
Vass Studded Winter Boots with liner
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our price: 40.00
Vision Hopper Wading Boots Felt Sole
Reviews: 4.86 / 5
Our price: 99.99
Many field boots feature thermal lining and come in many different sizes and styles. Thermal lining provides comfort and warmth and makes walking more comfortable. These style of boots are generally lightweight and waterproof, this means wet weather will never stop you getting out onto the bank. They offer a range of different height ankle supports. Many makes come with reinforced construction meaning they can take some beating for general fishing use. They are guaranteed to keep you warm and dry no matter when you fish. They are built for comfort and built to last.
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