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Crimps which for the most part in Sea fishing are used as stops in rig body construction and for attatching hooks and swivels directly to wire and heavy mono.The best method of squeezing crimps is with a crimping tool which will protect the line from damage.
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Shakespeare  Salt Tubular Mini Rig Crimps
Reviews: 4.8 / 5
Our Price: 1.99
Tsunami Double Crimps
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our Price: 1.00
Tsunami Oval Alloy Crimps
Reviews: 4.25 / 5
Our Price: 1.00
Crimps come in a variety of lengths and diameters and also in different material.Copper and Black Nickel crimps are the main stay of rig bodies and make it much easier to make rigs that are the right length when combining with bait clips.Another advantage when using rig crimps is that they will reduce the number of knot used and so keep the overall rig strength higher.Rig body crimps will always be of the single bore variety but when constructing hook lengths for bigger and generally more toothy species then they can be single , oval or double bore depending on the thickness of wire or mono used and usually made of a soft alloy.
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