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Floatants And Sinkent /
Floatant is ideal to the dry fly fisherman. Dry fly floatant assists with the buoyancy and keeps dry flies afloat cast after cast. Its can even be used when the water is calm as it leaves very little or no slick on the surface. Alongside the use of floatant on dry flies, it is also useful for assisting your fly lines and/or leaders to float. Sinkent is useful in all aspects of fishing, alongside being used to sink flies it can also be used to sink leader/tippet and sinking lines. This allows you to fish for cruising fish just below the surface. Many different floatants and sinkents come in different forms, such as liquid, powder etc.
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Gink Fly Floatant Dressing
Reviews: 4.82 / 5
Our price: 6.25
Mucilin Red Water Repellent Paste
Reviews: 4.86 / 5
Our price: 1.50
Floatant and sinkent are quick and easy to apply and are an effective way to make your flies sink/ float. They are a must have item for all fishermen and are a quick alternative to having to change methods. Instead of changing your leader/tippet when fishing dry flies you can just apply a small amount of sinkent and your leader is immediately sub surface.
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