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In order to ensure optimum casting performance when purchasing a fly line, always make sure that the rating of the line matches the rating on the rod. If the outfit isn't matched you will face all problems trying to cast and casting will take more effort than needed. When the rod and line is evenly matched it will be easier to cast as the line will load through the rod.
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Fly fishing lines come with many different sink rates. They range from floating lines down to the fastest sinker, the DI 7. They also come in different makes which include the weight forward, double taper and 40+. The floating line is primarily used for fishing the surface of the water, i.e dry fly fishing. However, it can also be used to fish sub surface through the use of wet flies and nymphs.

The slowest sinker produced is the slow intermediate. It has a sink rate of 0.5 inches per second and is used to fish within the top few feet of the water. This line could be used to retrieved lures and nymphs at a steady level. The fast intermediate has a sink rate of 1.5 inches per second and allows you to fish at a slightly deeper level than the slow intermediate.

The faster sinking lines are produced in a DI 3, DI 5 and DI 7. They have sink rates of 3, 5 and 7 inches per second. These lines are mainly used to fish booby's and lures on or near the bottom of the water. These lines are useful for the bright sunlight and the cold seasons. The weight forward is produced so that all the weight is in the front of the line, this gives the angler an advantage as they are able to cast further. The double taper is weighted in the middle of the line and tapered at each end.

This gives the angler and advantage as it produces better presentation. The 40+ has a weighted head at the front of the fly line and is followed by a low diameter running line. The 40+ is produced for those anglers who want to cast greater distances.
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