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We have a large range of fly fishing rods from many of the UK's leading fishing manufacturers. Brands include: Airflo, Greys, Shakespeare, Hanak, Sonik, Loop, Redington, Vision, Masterline, Cortland and many more...
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Greys GR50 Fly Rods
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our Price: 125.99
Ideally, you should try a fly fishing rod before you make a commitment to purchase. Trying the rod will ensure you get the right rod to match your casting style / ability. Rods are categorised into many different categories. A fast action fly fishing rod will be fairly 'stiff' and when flexed will return to it's original state fast. A slow action fly fishing rod will feel a lot softer and will take more time to return to it's original shape.

Fly fishing rods also have a line rating, you will need to ensure the rod and line match, so if you purchase a #7 rod, you will need a #7 line.

You will also see various handles on the rods, small stream fly rods will have a half wells handle, these taper towards the rod while some of the heaver rods will have a full wells handle which is more symmetrical. Salmon rods tend to have much longer handles as the casting action on these is very different to a trout rod. They also have a small extension handle the other side of the reel seat.
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