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Fly fishing spools are produced in many different sizes and brands. Each spool is unique to a certain brand and can only fit one specific reel. There are many different reels which require either a cassette spool or an individually machined spool. Many of the better quality reels are machined from solid bar stock aluminium and as a result they are more expensive than the cassette reels. The cassette reel is useful to an angler who fishes reservoirs or a typical competition angler who carries between 20 and 30 lines. This is because it is a lot more inexpensive than the machined spools. Some machined spools are nearly as expensive as the whole reel and if you were to purchase 20 to 30 spools it would be very expensive. Individually machined spools are made from bar stock aluminium which results in them being higher quality, this also enables the producer to make them lighter and thinner. The machined spools are made from solid bar and as a result they are much stronger than die cast.
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Airflo Classic Cassette Spool
Reviews: 4 / 5
Our Price: 15.00
Airflo Switch Black / Pro Spool
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our Price: 7.99
Cortland Desire Spool
Our Price: 24.99
Vision Koma Plus Spools
Our Price: 29.99
Vision Xla Hard Spools
Our Price: 129.99
Cassette reels are also more useful to competition anglers as cassette spools are much quicker and easier to change. Individually machined spools are more time consuming to change as you have to change the whole face of the reel. Many cassette reels now come with custom reel bags which help to keep everything organised. These also reduce the risk of all your fly lines becoming tangled.
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