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Although there are many dedicated Lrf and Hrf rods on the market for the newcomer or beginner any light spinning rod will suffice although may not give the same amount of feedback to the angler with the lightest drop shotting or jig use.
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Shakespeare Agility Drop Shot Rod
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Apart from the obvious variety of weight ranges amongst Lrf and Hrf fishing rods two big differences can be found in the make up of the tips,with some being solid tips such as the Tronixpro Rockfish and hollow tips like the Rovex Ceratec.Each has its own merits under different fishing situations,the very fine solid tips being ultra sensative and perfect for very light drop shotting and picking up bites from mini species,the hollow tips on the other hand allow much more responsive casting and lure retrieval as the tip is stiffer and imparts more movement into the lure,plug or Jig.
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