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Whilst in some instances free lined lures and baits may be a deadly method of fishing in most cases there is no way to fish effectively other than to add weights.Whether it is for issues of distance casting or to hold a bait in currents, tides or just getting it down to where it needs to be.
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Apart from the standard bomb weight or split shot Lrf and Hrf fishing has some more dedicated weights,commonly used are the cone shaped worm weights which generally sit directly above the lure fishing 'Texas' style.Another similar type is the oval weight which can be used in the same way but can also and is more suited than the worm weight used 'Carolina' style where the weight is situated up the line from the lure allowing more movement from the lure although this is not as effective casting wise

A type of weight becoming more popular is the drop shot which is a round ball or column shape with a wire loop attatched which is shaped like a keyhole.The weight is not tied to the rig the line is simply fed through the wide part of the wire loop then pulled up into the narrow part which grips the line,the advantage of the drop shot weight is if snagged it will slide off the line allowing the lure to be retrieved.
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