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When fishing into or during darkness a reliable light is essential for safety,comfort and enjoyment factors.With constant advancements in the electronic world the price of lighting has become more affordable with basic head torches for less than 10 and solid water resistent super bright units from around 20.
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In years gone by the beaches in most areas of the Uk would have been lit up especially during the winter months by flickering Tilley lamps.Some fuelled by Parafin then later models using petrol.Although still not uncommon in use the large majority of anglers have been seduced by the ease of use and maintenance free head torches.Now more than ever with the wide spread use of Cree and Osram LED's which burn so brightly,last so long and use such little power have the Winter beaches become so much brighter.With your own portable light source venturing away from base camp no longer has to be a walk in the dark.
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