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Alongside the other must have equipment such as rods and reels, a landing net is very important to every fisherman. Landing nets not only make unhooking fish easier but they also protect the fish from damage. It is vital that a landing net is used when fish are being returned as it reduces harm through bad handling. Many better quality nets are made with rubber mesh, this is more fish friendly as it is less harmful than normal mesh. Landing nets come in many different sizes, lengths etc. Certain nets are produced to fit a certain type of fishing. Small pan nets are most common to river fisherman and long reach nets are most common to bank and boat fisherman. Small pan nets can be attached to the rear of the waistcoat for easy transportation. They are quick to detach which makes landing fish much easier and quicker. These are also useful for wading. Longer handle nets are useful for boat fisherman and bank fisherman, They give an angler longer reach from the boat/bank making landing fish much easier. These are also safer as they reduce the risk of capsizing the boat trying to land fish using a small pan net.
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Mclean net Scabbard
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Shakespeare Agility Trout Flip Nets
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Shakespeare Sigma Trout Nets
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Newer landing nets are equipped with water repellent mesh. This makes them ideal for quicker drying. This also makes them less absorbent to fish slime etc. Many nets come with extendable handles which lock at any position. This gives the angler the option of what length they want their landing net to be. They offer outstanding value being collapsible, compact and light weight.
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