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Lure baits are widely used especially during the summer months where their scent and visual appeal can be maximised in the generally calmer clearer seas and with the influx of many predatory species into warmer waters although can be handy as a back up bait at any time of the year,a couple of packs kept in your box are ideal fo cocktailing with or bulking out fresh or frozen bait.
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Maryukyu Isome Grab and go Sandworm Pack
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our Price: 5.00
Commonly fished on jig heads or on weedless hooks the most popular method is to twitch the bait across the bottom where the combination of sight and amino acid scents will induce a strike from many fish species

The Gulp and Isome worms in the smaller sizes have become incredibly popular for Lrf fishing,broken into pieces on tiny jig heads and twitched down the sides of jetties and piers they account for a myriad of mini species but don't be surprised if you find yourself in a scrap with a big Bass or Pollack

Available also are resealable Boxes to keep the baits from drying out and the rest of your kit from smelling,as well as bottles of scent used to recharge the baits (just a tiny drop in the box will keep them moist)
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