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With a range of sea fishing rods covering all sea fishing situations from Beachcasting,light Estuary Bass and flatfish through to Uptide Boat and traditional Downtide boat fishing in standard,travel and telescopic range here at Harvey Angling we are sure you will be able to find a rod to suit your needs and budget.We have an extensive range in our sea rod section and in our Predator and Lrf sections you will find rods to suit all your sea spinning and lure fishing needs.
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Aurora 12' Beachcaster
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our Price: 27.99
Jarvis Walker Sovereign 12 Feet Beach Rod
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our Price: 44.99
Mirage Rod Range
From: 16.99
Shakespeare Sigma Supra Beach Rods
Reviews: 4 / 5
From: 54.99
We stock many major brands including Abu, Sonik, TF Gear, Greys, Rovex and Mitchel to name just a few and are constantly expanding our ranges and seeking to provide the lowest possible prices.
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