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Sight bobs play a very important part in a lot of fly fisherman's boxes and are now a very common way of fishing. They are used as an indicator so that nymphs and buzzers can be fished static. This can be very effective when the conditions are proving difficult as it allows your buzzers/nymphs to fish more natural, and in some cases can result in more fish being caught. Strike indicators allow the angler to set the hook in a fish much easier. When the indicator is pulled under the surface, the angler should strike. This happens because the fish has turned and taken the fly being fished.
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New Zealand Strike Indicator
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Sight bobs are produced in many different variations. They can be purchased in a very visible and buoyant 'football' shaped indicator that is easy to apply and remove. They are also completely reusable. These design of sight bob have now been aerodynamically shaped at both ends. This causes less wind resistance when casting. Strike indicator yarn can also be purchased. It is available in orange or yellow. This yarn is extra buoyant and is ideal for heavy nymphs and strong turbulent currents. Another make is Light Do.This is very mouldable, buoyant and reusable. This is very useful as it emits its own light, it is ideal as a bite indicator for dusk. It works by absorbing the light and carries on emitting that light into darkness.
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