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Tippet material is one of the most important items alongside your rod and reel. It is used as a link between you fly and your fly line. Tippet material comes in various different types and braking strains. There are several different types of tippet material which include copolymer, tapered leaders and fluorocarbon etc. Many fluorocarbons have very low diameters offering excellent breaking strain. They are very popular among competition and leisure anglers. Fluorocarbon has very low visibility in water and is available in 50 metre and 100 metre spools. It has a high not strength and sits below water surface.

Copolymer is primarily used for dry fly fishing. Fluorocarbon has a faster sink rate and as a result this makes copolymer less prone to drag your flies under the water surface. Copolymer is an exceptionally strong fine diameter material with superior knot strength and excellent abrasion resistance. This makes it an excellent choice for perfect presentation and strength. Through the use of copolymer it gives you the ability to feel gentle takes and has superb strength to diameter.
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Line/leader wallets are perfect for storing you shooting heads, leaders, sink-tips, and Spey (poly) leaders. They keep all lines and leaders neatly together and reduce the risk of damage. They are also easy to store as they are reasonably small and don't require much space in your fishing bag/box.

Tapered leaders are primarily used for river fishing. However, they can also be used on still waters. Tapered leaders are thick at one end and taper down thinner at the other. They are useful for helping turnover of small dry flies.
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