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There are many different makes of fly reels and also many different make models. Fly fishing reels come in many different brands and sizes. Sizes of reels will depend on the style of fishing. If you are looking to spey cast for salmon you will be looking for a relatively large reel that would hold a lot of line. However, if you are going to be dry fly fishing for trout or grayling a small reel would be more suitable. Reels are produced in many different sizes in order to house a special line rating. These line ratings will vary as lines are produced for fishing for both trout and salmon. Without matching the line rating and the reel rating together the line will not fit neatly on the reel. When loading a fly line onto a reel, make sure you use a sufficient amount of banking along side your fly line as it will fill the reel and also prevent coiling.
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Scierra Traxion 2 Fly Reel
Our Price: 75.00
Many reels are cast and machine finished. However, many better quality reels are machined from bar stock aluminium. Some reels come with variable drag systems and others come with audiable click. There are different types of reels where you can have a choice of cassette spools or individually machine spools.
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