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Waders are produced in a range of different styles and sizes. They can be purchased as chest waders, waist waders or thigh waders. They are also available in different materials such as neoprene, breathable and nylon etc. Many styles of waders are now made from dense breathable material. These waders are light weight and yet very tough to give you protection when wading, and when walking through thick vegetation. The have built in gravel guards to protect the waders from damage such as wear, leaks and tears.

Thigh waders are primarily used for shallow wading, and chest/waist waders allow deeper wading. Chest and waist waders would be more suitable to river anglers and still water anglers as it gives them more option of deeper depths. Neoprene waders are produced in high grade neoprene with a moulded quality pvc boot foot, normally with a cleated sole. They are an excellent wader for keeping warm in cold water conditions.
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Daiwa Budget Thigh Waders
Our Price: 12.00
Vass Junior Thigh Waders
Reviews: 5 / 5
Our Price: 15.00
Wader repair is the perfect item for patching up leaks and tears. Its waterside repair formula cures in seconds and keeps you fishing. UV wader repair is the ultimate item for waterside repairs as it dries from sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight it takes few seconds to cure. Wader repair formulas are simple and easy to use, simply apply a small amount in and around the tear or puncture and leave to dry. It bonds permanently to wet or dry neoprene and the outer layers used in nylon or breathable waders.
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